Data Engineer

  • KI Labs
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Sep 03, 2018
Full time

Job Description

At KI labs we are looking for data experts with various levels of experience, from junior to group leads, to join our rapidly growing team in Munich. You will support our projects with researching, designing, and deploying data products, present results at customers, and contribute your ideas to forming the outcome of the projects.

About us

At KI labs we design and build state of the art software and data products and solutions for the major brands of Germany and Europe. We aim to push the status quo of technology in corporations, with special focus areas of software, data and culture. Inside, we are a team of software developers, designers, product managers and data scientists, who are passionate about building the products of future today. We believe in open-source and independent teams, follow Agile practices, lean startup method and aim to share this culture with our clients. We are mainly located in Munich and recently Lisbon.

Your Responsibilities

Design, build, and scale data products, and deploy them on public and private clouds, e.g., H2O or Amazon AWS. 
Enable and facilitate a data-driven culture for internal and external clients, and use advanced models to generate insight where to go. 
Support Cloud Engineers with architecting and orchestrating data infrastructures 
Support Software Development teams with Data, e.g., continuous integration and gradual deployment analytics.

Skills and qualifications

Advanced degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Quantitative social sciences or related fields. 
You have a working knowledge of one of the common languages, e.g., Python or R. 
You have passion for data, be it at crunching, modeling or visualizing large data lakes. 
You are comfortable working with backend teams, and from time to time get your hands dirty with coding your own micro-service. 
You own your tasks and are comfortable working in a fast-paced environment within small and talented teams. 
You have experience with "Lean Analytics" (optional).

Why work with us?

You will have an opportunity to be at the frontline of innovation together with our prominent clients, influencing the car you drive in five years, the services you have on your flight, and the way you pay for your morning coffee; 
You get a challenging working environment located in the center of Munich and Lisbon and an ambitious team of individuals with unique backgrounds and expertise; 
You get the chance to work on various interesting projects in short time frames; we do not do work on maintenance or linear projects; 
We have an open door work culture where ideas and initiatives are encouraged; 
We offer a performance-based competitive salary.